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Milestones Series: 0-1 Month

Welcome to the first installment of our "Milestones Series!" Here are some things to expect with your baby between 0-1 month.

Your baby will begin to produce different cries.

Babies begin by just producing a cry in one breath that is not yet modified by opening or closing the mouth. Babies eventually realize their cries have meaning and are useful. They will begin to use their cries to interact with others, and you will notice your baby's cry begin to change depending on their need (e.g., a hunger cry vs. a cry when sleepy). Support your baby's cognitive and language development by responding to their cries and attempting to help them get their needs/desires met. Is your baby hungry? Is their diaper wet? Are they tired?

Baby begins to coo.

Your baby will begin to produce reflexive sounds that appear in adult speech. They may produce some "k," "m," and "n" sounds. You may hear some open vowel sounds like "ah." Acknowledge your baby's coos - smile in response to your baby's sounds, imitate the sounds back to your baby.

Your baby will begin to respond sounds and voices.

You may notice your baby startle in response to a loud sound. Your baby will begin to respond to your voice. When crying, you may notice your baby quiet down when they hear you speak to them. They might smile reflexively when they hear your voice. Stimulate your baby by using toys that squeak and musical instruments (e.g., rattles, bells). Help your baby hold and shake rattles and bells. In the environment, turn your baby to sounds happening around them. While holding your baby, turn them towards a ringing phone, a barking dog, etc. Sing lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Babies begin to inspect their surroundings and pay attention to colorful objects.

Babies begin to pay attention to objects and people for about 4-5 seconds. Use colorful toys and bright toys, and high-contrast images/books (i.e., black and white, red and white) to get your baby's attention. Stimulate your baby by looking at black and white images and talk about what you see. Present your baby with colorful toys at least 8 inches from them and at chest level while on their backs. Talk about the toy you are showing them.

Recommended Toys/Activities:

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Rattles/Musical Instruments

Blocks/Colorful Toys

High-Contrast Images/Books

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