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Big waves for "hi" and "bye-bye" !!

Gestures include waving "hello" and "bye-bye" to everything, people, toys, cars, animals, etc. Research shows that children should be using at least 2 gestures between then ages of 9 and 16 months. With that being said, 'the earlier, the better!' Begin exposing children to various gestures, most common, wave, give, shake head, read up, or point to items. You can even show other symbolic gestures that are less common such as 'high 5', blow a kiss, 'I don't know', or even 'peace.' we will give tips and discuss other gestures in the upcoming posts.

Parents, in order to target waving, don't be shy and wave 'hello' or 'bye-bye' to strangers at a park, restaurant, etc. While cleaning up, sign the 'clean up' song and/or wave bye-bye to all of the toys that are being put in to the box/container. For example, "bye-bye cup!", "bye-bye froggy/piggy/ducky/etc." or vice versa while taking toys out, "hello + name of item."

Other tasks can also include children cleaning up their rooms or even stinky stinky diapers. Give them responsibility and hand them the dirty diaper, wave and say, "bye-bye diaper" when they are at the trash throwing it away. Most importantly, always and i repeat, always have fun!

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